Nicholas Reeve

Nicholas has been racing for 6 years. He started his career at the age of 8, in go-kart racing, progressing quickly to the top formula. The formula operates throughout the season in the UK, Scotland and Wales

Throughout this period Nicholas won a number of high profile competitions, resulting in over 100 trophies.

In his final year of karting, Nicholas was signed and sponsored by Ziplarting, one of the leading karting teams in the UK. He won 17 of 32 races in Super One. These races where shown on Motors TV.

At the age of 13 Nicholas was aproched by Specialized Motorsport with an offer to sign with them to enter the Fiesta Juniors when he reached the age of 14. As part of the Specilized Motorsport team his car was displayed in the 2016/2017 NEC Autosport car show.

Nicholas completed the 2016 Fiesta Junior Championship after missing the first 2 races due to his age. He was pleased to finish the year with two 3rd place finishes, one 2nd, and one 1st, with pole positions and fastest laps throughout the year.